Call for paper

Topic1, Laser Technology and Applications

Gas Lasers and Applications
Solid State Lasers: Technology and Devices
Laser Materials, Fabrication and Characterization
Laser Material Processing
Tera-hertz Sources & Detection

Topic2, Image Processing

Image Acquisition, Reconstruction, Restoration and Fusion
3D Visualization, Holography and Display Systems
Coding, Cryptography,  Storage and Retrieval,
Medical Imaging, Surveillance, Remote Sensing
Optical and digital image processing systems

Optical Communications

Optical Fiber Communication
Optical Communication Networks
Coding and Signal Processing
Intensity Modulation
Optical Wireless
Optical Carrier

Topic4, Optoelectronic Devices and Integration

Optical Sensors and Applications
Fiber-optic Sensor and Networks
White LED and Related Technologies
Optoelectronics Device Fabrication 
Electro-optic Modulators
Intelligent Optoelectronic Devices 
Nano Technology
Silicon Photonics

Topic5, Medical and Biological Applications

Biomedical Optics
Laser Medical Diagnostics and Therapeutics
Optical Coherence Tomography
Advanced Biological Microscopy
Minimally Invasive Optical Diagnostics
Photo-acoustic Techniques
Optical-system Engineering for Medicine