Submission Guidelines

1. The submitted papers must not be previously published or under consideration of publication elsewhere.
2. Please submit your abstracts via Online Submission System
In case of a failure in use of the system, please directly send an email to, indicating telephone number and article title.
3, Templates download:
template.docxPlease note that Keywords can be removed; The formula should preferably be editable;
4, Primary screening and peer review will be made. Peer-reviewed accepted and registered papers will be published in conference proceedings.
5, For each accepted paper, at least one author must attend the conference and present the paper.
6,  Authors of all accepted papers must prepare a final version for publication, a poster presentation or a short video/live oral presentation.

Publishing Ethics for Authors

  • Originality, Plagiarism and Multiple Submission
    Declare that they have written entirely original works and appropriately cited or quoted the work and/or words of others, and that the manuscript is not published elsewhere, nor under consideration for publication elsewhere.

  • Authorship
    Check all co-authors meet criteria for authorship and ensure appropriate acknowledgements made in the manuscript.

  • Conflicts of Interest
    Authors should disclose any conflicts of interest that may influence the findings or the interpretation of the article to the editors as soon as possible.

  • Availability and Accessibility of Research Data
    Authors should indicate in the submitted article where the data and the scripts for analyses are available and accessible.

  • Fundamental Errors in Published Articles
    Inform the publisher if author subsequently find errors in their research.

Review Process

Step-1: Submit Manuscript via Online Submission System
When you submit a manuscript for publication in Conference Proceedings, please an e-mail confirmation from the editor or editorial assistant will be sent to the corresponding author within 3 working days. If you fail to receive this confirmation, please contact the editorial assistant by

Step-2: Preliminary Review 
The topic of manuscript must be included in the conference's aim and scope. Then, the similarity rate checking will be done. Manuscripts out of topic or plagiarism will be rejected.    

Step-3: Peer Review
OIOE uses double-blind system for Peer-Review; both reviewers' and authors' identities remain anonymous. Each manuscript will be reviewed by at least 2-3 experts in related field: one editorial staff member as well as one to three external reviewers. The review process takes about 1-2 weeks.    

Step-4: Result 
The review result is based on the suggestions of the reviewers. If reviewers have different opinion on manuscript, the editor will make a balanced decision based on all comments, or a second round of peer-review may be initiated.